I.A.T.S.E. Local 680 - Rates

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

Promoter is required to pay IATSE fees based on the following IATSE fee structure.

Set Up/ Load Out/ Rehearsals / July 1, 2021 / July 1, 2022
Steward / Crew Chief Rate / $40.00 / $40.75
Stagehands / Wardrobe / Truck Loaders Rate / $36.25 / $37.00
Ground Riggers Rate / $53.75 / $54.75
Climbing Riggers / Lift Operators Rate / $55.00 / $56.00
Head Riggers Rate / $56.75 / $57.75
Heads of Department Rate / $39.50 / $40.25
4 Hour Show Call - Spot Operators / Deckhands Rate / $151.00 / $154.00
4 Hour Show Call - Truss Spot Operators Rate / $184.00 / $188.00

Additional fees: 15% HST (831172721)


  1. SBC, in consultation with Technical Services’ Business Agent, will discuss calls requiring Stagehands for the purpose of providing advice to the Licensee on the dates, times, duration, numbers and classification of calls to ensure Licensee satisfaction.
  2. Minimum crew size shall be determined in consultation with IATSE Representative and the Licensee.
  3. SBC will endeavour to provide Technical Services with five (5) business days’ notice for all new calls.  Technical Services will endeavour to accommodate all requested changes or new calls where the agreed upon notice is not met.
  4. Cancellation of calls must be made to Technical Services’ Business Agent twenty-four (24) hours prior to the original call time. Failure to provide twenty-four (24) hours’ notice entitles Stagehands involved in the cancellation to a three (3) hour charge at regular time to be paid by the Licensee.  This does not apply to changes in call times.
  5. The minimum call per Stagehand shall be four (4) hours.  Any continuation of a call will be calculated in half-hour (1/2) increments.
  6. Subject to the Technical Services Representative’s approval, the following may occur:
  • A call may be extended to a fifth (5th) hour without penalty
  • A meal break will be given upon completion of a maximum of five (5) hours worked.  When catering is provided by the Licensee, a half hour (1/2) paid meal break may be taken.  When no catering is provided, a one (1) hour unpaid meal break shall be taken
  • In the event a one (1) hour unpaid meal break is given the minimum call back will be for two (2) hours
  • If a call exceeds five (5) hours without a meal break, the additional time shall be calculated at two (2) times the prevailing hourly rate
  • No employee will be obligated to work more than five (5) consecutive hours without a meal break.
  1. There will be a fifteen (15) minute break within every four (4) hour call.
  2. A focus call shall be a minimum of one (1) additional hour, billed at the climbing rigging rate and any continuation of the call will be calculated in half-hour increments.
  3. All stagehands who work the show call will be provided with a fifteen (15) minute break.
  4. A Show Call shall be deemed to be a working period of four (4) hours beginning a minimum of one half (1/2) hour before the commencement of the performance and ending when the house lights are brought up for the exit of the audience.
  5. A dress rehearsal shall be considered to be a show call if all elements necessary to a performance are present and used, including but not limited to, costumes, sets lights, properties, sound, artists and orchestra, and if the rehearsal is conducted as a performance. A sound check does not constitute a rehearsal.
  6. In the event a performance is recorded or filmed for commercial purposes the Show Crew shall be compensated at one point five (1.5) times the applicable rate.
  7. All production Load Outs will end when the production trucks are loaded, and the venue is properly restored.
  8. All calls beginning after 12:00 midnight or before 7:00 am will be calculated at one point five (1.5) times the prevailing rate.
  9. When a Stagehand is required to work in excess of forty-eight (48) hours per week for the same Licensee, all additional hours shall be billed at one point five (1.5) times the prevailing rate for the first twelve (12) hours.  Any hours in excess of sixty (60) hours will be calculated at two (2) times the prevailing rate.  The work week shall run from Sunday through Saturday inclusive.
  10. Work performed on holidays shall be charged at two (2) times the prevailing rate.  The recognized holidays are: Nova Scotia Heritage Day, Good Friday, Canada Day, Labour Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas day and New Year’s Day.  It is agreed that the Christmas Day and New Year’s holiday begins at 6:00 pm on the previous day.
  11. Workers supplied by and under the control of Technical Services’ employees will be expected to behave in a professional, courteous manner at all times and abide all Municipal, Provincial and Federal laws.  In addition, Technical Services’ employees shall abide by the Technical Services Working Guidelines.

Any equipment, staff, elevating devices used in events must wear required PPE and comply with CSA Occupational Health and Safety Standards. Click for more information.

COVID-19 Preparedness

With the ongoing concerns around COVID-19 and the recommendation from the Province of Nova Scotia to restrict public gatherings, the Scotiabank Centre is closed to events and public access until further notice. This is an unprecedented circumstance that impacts our employees and customers and we are actively working to support them during this time. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. COVID-19 IMPACT OF PUBLIC GATHERINGS.