NSCAD University students unveil mural wall at Halifax Metro Centre

The Halifax Metro Centre officially unveils a new, 9-foot by 30-foot hand-painted mural tonight at 6:30 pm. The mural, located on the promenade level between the Duke Street entrance and the main Ticket Atlantic box office, was created by Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD) graduates, Noah Logan and Nathan Patterson. This unique project was initiated to create an opportunity to bring the world of corporate sponsorship and the world of art and culture together.

These two emerging artists spent 40 hours creating their masterpiece. “It is important that students are given the opportunity to use their artistic talents as a profession right out of university,” said Logan. “This mural project afforded me the opportunity to begin my career as an artist that I would never have had the opportunity to do.”

The mural commemorates the partnership of two companies also affiliated with the Halifax Metro Centre: Wilsons Fuel Company Limited and Volkswagen (Steele Volkswagen and Hillcrest Volkswagen).

“Volkswagen is pleased to partner with Halifax Metro Centre and Wilson Fuel Company Ltd. to support local young artists and to combine artistic creativity with corporate marketing–a style that harkens to Volkswagen’s classic advertising of the 1950s and 1960s,” said Mike Velemirovich, owner of Hillcrest Volkswagen.

 “Wilsons is a proud supporter of our community and are pleased to have been able to give the NSCAD graduates an opportunity early in their careers,” said Jackie Clavel, Marketing Manager of Wilson Fuel Company Ltd. “They did an extraordinary job taking the Wilsons and Volkswagen partnership and portraying it in an artistic mural.”

The Halifax Metro Centre encourages all visitors and guests at the facility to drop by the Volkswagen display and have a look at the fine work created by these marvelous, local NSCAD artists.

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